Office Directory

Executive Team

Joan F. Lorden, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Jay Raja, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Provost

Shannon Homesley

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Kathy Hunter

Executive Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost

Office of the Provost

PJ Frick

Catalog Editor

Contact me about:

  • Undergraduate Catalog
  • Graduate Catalog

Aimee Hawkins

Director of Communications

Eric Klee

University Catalog Editor and Web Content Manager

Contact me (until June 30) about:

  • Undergraduate Catalog
  • Graduate Catalog
  • Provost/Office of Academic Affairs website

Jennifer Knight

Program Coordinator

Contact me about:

  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Teaching Excellence Awards 
  • Student Success Working Group
  • Commencement - Student Marshals
  • Provost/Office of Academic Affairs website

Zahra Nwabara

Administrative Support Specialist

Donia Schauble

Director of Academic and Research Space

Photo Not Available

Michelle Srubar Howell

Academic Facilities Operations Coordinator

Matthew Wyse

Faculty Governance Assistant

Contact me about:

  • Curriculog
  • Faculty Governance

Leslie Zenk, Ph.D.

Assistant Provost

Academic Budget and Personnel

Lori McMahon

Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Personnel

Jessica Barton

Business Systems and Reporting Analyst

Contact me about:

  • College Profiles, Quarterly Spend, and Tableau Reports
  • Other reporting services (budget and faculty personnel)
  • Faculty list requests (annual and ad hoc events)

David Brown

HR Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Faculty recruitment review and approvals/Niner Talent (all colleges, effective October 2019) 
  • CUPA and UNC System Office faculty salary range data 
  • Staff position modification / org change consults
  • Business Officer/Teams Training, Tools, etc.
  • AABP Website updates/corrections/issues

Franci Hamilton

University Program Specialist and Part-Time Faculty Coordinator

Contact me about Part-Time Faculty:

  • PT Faculty hiring procedures and policies (all terms)
  • PT Faculty NinerTalent Position Postings
  • PT Faculty EPAF and PD-7 payroll processing
  • EPAF “Approver” access requests (faculty actions only)
  • 800# ID creation and activation
  • Faculty/Instructor “Role” access (Banner)
  • Transcripts Status (all faculty) – missing or contingent
  • SACS Program Verifications—“highest degree earned”
  • AA-21 Forms—“Exception to Criteria for Accreditation”

Monica Labrada

Assistant Budget Director
  • Budget Planning and Modeling
  • Budget Call Process
  • Fee Requests Process (all categories; new and existing)
  • Budget policy and procedures guidance (allowable uses, all funds)

Tiffani McCain

Assistant Personnel Director / Faculty Personnel Manager

Contact me about FT Faculty Appointments and Contracting:

  • FT Faculty recruiting and hiring policies and procedures
  • Reappointment, promotion, and tenure (all faculty ranks)
  • New Administrator appointments and internal promotions
  • Non-tenured Faculty Contract Renewals
  • Post Doc Appointments and Re-appointments
  • Salary administration (annual raise process, off-cycle from ARP)

Tonya McMannen

Budget Manager

Contact me about Accounting:

  • Budget transfers (all fund types; Perm and One-time; Summer Receipts)
  • Faculty Startups—commitments made
  • EPAF faculty special pays (FT only)
  • Lapse Salary Reports (EHRA, SHRA)
  • Financial Transaction (FTR) approvals
  • Faculty Research Grants (FRG) budgets and fund set-ups
  • SHRA Lapsed Salary Requests
  • Staff (EHRA/SHRA) NinerTalent Position Modifications

David Keith Williams

Administrative Support Specialist

Contact me about:

  • Criminal Background Checks (all faculty)
  • Faculty Education Updates
  • Faculty Teaching Experience Verification
  • Routing of all AABP mail and forms, including those requiring division signature


Special Projects Assistant


Business Services Coordinator

Contact me about:

  • Faculty Retirement and Emeritus Actions
  • Faculty Recruitment- Moving Allowances
  • Faculty Resignations
  • Dual Employment Certification CP-30 Processing
  • Leave Requests for Faculty (FML, RoD, Personal)
  • Part-time Faculty Hires as “Un-paid”