Office Directory

Executive Team

Jennifer Troyer

Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Cato 225 704-687-5962

Lee Gray, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Provost
Cato 240 704-687-5737

Leslie Zenk, Ph.D.

Assistant Provost
Cato 218 704-687-5766

Shannon Homesley

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Cato 226 704-687-5962

Kathy Hunter

Executive Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost
Cato 241 704-687-5739

Office of the Provost

PJ Frick

Catalog Editor
Cato 220 704-687-5718

Contact me about:

  • Undergraduate Catalog
  • Graduate Catalog
  • Curriculum Review

Jen Knight

Program Coordinator & Web Content Manager
Cato 219 704-687-8054

Contact me about:

  • Faculty Awards
  • Student Success Working Group
  • Commencement - Student Marshals
  • Office of the Provost/Office of Academic Affairs website

Zahra Nwabara

Administrative Support Specialist
Cato 210W2 704-687-5716

Donia Schauble

Director of Academic and Research Space
Cato 227 704-687-6059

Michelle Srubar Howell

Academic Facilities Operations Coordinator
Cato 213 704-687-5944

Matthew Wyse

Faculty Governance Assistant
Cato 223 704-687-5719

Contact me about:

  • Curriculog
  • Faculty Governance
  • Curriculum Review

Academic Budget

Holly Durham

Associate Provost for Academic Budget
Cato 246 704-687-5774


Budget Manager

Contact me about:

  • Budget transfers (all fund types; permanent and one-time; summer receipts)
  • Budget planning and modeling
  • Budget policy and procedures guidance (allowable uses, all funds)
  • Faculty startups - commitments made
  • ​Fee requests process (all categories; new and existing)
  • EPAF faculty special pays (full-time only)
  • Lapse salary reports (EHRA, SHRA)
  • Financial Transaction Request (FTR) approvals
  • Faculty Research Grants (FRG) budgets and fund set-ups
  • SHRA lapsed salary requests


Assistant Budget Director

Contact me about:

Danny Zeidan

Special Projects Assistant
Cato 251 704-687-5242

Contact me about:

  • Ad hoc projects
  • Administrative matters for Associate Provost for Academic Budget
  • Research maintenance contracts
  • Malibu support
  • Budget and Personnel webpages
  • Business Officers Meetings, Deadlines Workbook, and Toolkit
  • New Administrator Orientation

Sam Stewart

Budget Support Specialist
Cato 252 704-687-0913

Contact me about:

  • EPAF faculty special pays (full-time only)
  • Archibus approvals
  • eGA approvals
  • Tuition waiver requests
  • SHRA lapsed salary requests
  • Chartwell requests


Business Systems and Reporting Analyst

Contact me about:

Academic Personnel

Tiffani McCain

Assistant Personnel Director / Faculty Personnel Manager
Cato 242 704-687-5773

Contact me about:

  • Full-time faculty recruiting and hiring policies and procedures
  • Reappointment, promotion, and tenure (all faculty ranks)
  • New administrator appointments and internal promotions
  • Non-tenured faculty contract renewals
  • Academic Affairs personnel administration
  • Salary administration (annual raise process, off-cycle from ARP)
  • Staff (EHRA/SHRA) NinerTalent position modifications

Tangia Betterson

Business Officer
Cato 231 704-687-5771

Contact me about:

  • Business Officer Toolkit inquiries
  • Division-wide business operations management support
  • Dual employment certification (CP-30) processing
  • Faculty hires as "unpaid"
  • Faculty out-of-state work requests
  • Faculty recruitment moving allowances
  • Personnel records management

Franci Hamilton

University Program Specialist and Part-Time Faculty Coordinator
Cato 234 704-687-5776

Contact me about:

  • Part-time faculty hiring procedures and policies (all terms)
  • Part-time faculty NinerTalent position postings
  • Part-time faculty EPAF and PD-7 payroll processing
  • EPAF “Approver” access requests (faculty actions only)
  • 800# ID creation and activation
  • Faculty/Instructor “Role” access (Banner)
  • Transcript status (all faculty) – missing or contingent
  • SACS program verifications - "educational information"
  • AA-21 Forms - “Exception to Criteria for Accreditation”

Keisha Simms

Business Services Coordinator
Cato 232 704-687-5777

Contact me about:

  • Faculty retirement and emeritus actions
  • Faculty resignations
  • Leave requests for faculty (Family Medical Leave, personal)
  • Faculty Reassignment of Duties requests

David Keith Williams

Administrative Support Specialist
Cato 236 704-687-5898

Contact me about:

  • Faculty Criminal Background Checks
  • Faculty education updates
  • Faculty teaching experience verification
  • Routing of personnel-related mail and forms, including those requiring division signature
  • Faculty Duty Station Attestations
  • Faculty personnel files

Alicia Briscoe

Personnel Data and Reporting Analyst
Cato 230B 704-687-5092

Contact me about:

  • Report generation and analysis
  • Business systems and data management
  • System Office report and request production
  • Business Systems Records Management
  • College Profiles, Quarterly Spend, and Tableau Reports
  • Other reporting services (budget and faculty personnel)
  • Faculty list requests (annual and ad hoc events)

Lisa Ojeshina

HR Specialist
Cato 228 704-687-5740

Contact me about:

  • Faculty recruitment review and approvals/Niner Talent
  • CUPA and UNC System Office faculty salary range data 
  • Staff position modification/org change consults
  • Business Officer/Teams Training, Tools, etc.