B. Position Description

A Position Description is prepared in NinerTalent by an Initiator in the hiring department for each position authorized to be recruited.  The position description is completed as a prerequisite to the job posting.  The position description includes:

  • Position Details to provide the position by number, describe the primary purpose of the department, description of work and essential duties and responsibilities, educational requirements, 9-month or 12-month term of appointment, rank/title and specialty/discipline to be recruited, tenure-track, tenured, or non-tenure appointment
  • Funding source for the position, salary budget allocated to the position, present or former incumbent (if applicable), supervisor of position, and ADA requirements
  • Copy of the job advertisement

The completed position description is reviewed and approved by the Department Chair, the College Business Officer, and the Dean through the NinerTalent system. Upon approval, the Dean forwards the action to Academic Affairs for approval.  Once Academic Affairs approves, the hiring department may initiate the posting in NinerTalent through the Applicant Tracking module.