D. Criminal Background Check

All individuals being hired by the University for positions as Full-time faculty, Part-time faculty, Postdoctoral Fellows, and in some cases Unpaid Adjuncts, require a criminal background check to be initiated. The Unpaid Adjuncts would be required to have a criminal background check if their responsibilities include teaching, or other duties where interaction with students is necessary.  Criminal background checks are a pre-employment requirement and all new Full- time faculty, Part-time faculty, and Postdoctoral Fellows are required to complete an EHRA Faculty Profile through UNC Charlotte’s applicant tracking system, NinerTalent.

In addition, returning faculty members who were previously separated, but have been rehired to teaching positions are also required to have a completed criminal background check if they have not been employed at the University for more than 12 months, 365 days, moving from one employment class to another and has not had one run previously. 

The University Policy on criminal background checks is available on the Office of Legal Affairs website - https://legal.uncc.edu/policies/up-101.23.  To see more information regarding criminal background check procedures, see https://provost.charlotte.edu/academic-budget-personnel/forms.