When the short list of top candidates for a position has been compiled and the candidates to be invited to campus for interview are selected, their statuses changed to “Recommend For Interview” by the Initiator.  The Initiator will also change the status of the Posting at this time to “Approver Final” and forwards to the College Business Officer who reviews and forwards to the Dean for review and approval of selected applicants by changing the applicant statuses to “Approve For Interview.”  The Dean will also change the status of the Posting to “Equity Officer Equity Review.”  The Posting routes to the Equity Officer to review the applicants’ qualifications.  Once reviewed, the Equity Officer changes the Posting status to “Equity Review Complete – Send to Initiator.”  This action will generate an email to the Supervisor of the position indicating they may proceed with the interviews of selected applicants.

Special procedures are involved when candidates for interview are non-resident aliens (See Section IV.A. Request for Authorization to Interview Candidates)