Provost's Faculty Fellows

Members of the senior faculty of the University have been invited to serve as a part-time member of the staff of the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  His/her responsibilities encompass the full range of activities of that office, and he/she meets such duties as are asked by the Provost or the Chancellor.

Current Fellows

There are no current Provost's Faculty Fellows.

Past Fellows

  • Dr. Heather Perry, History (01/01/16-12/31/16)
  • Dr. Jose Gamez, Architecture (08/15/15-12/31/16)
  • Dr. Dennis R. Livesay, Bioinformatics and Genomics (08/15/15-02/15/16)
  • Dr. Michele Bissiere, Languages and Culture Studies (01/2/15-12/31/15)
  • Dr. Shawn Long, Communication Studies  (07/15/14-07/14/15)
  • Dr. Steve Rogelberg, Psychology  (01/02/13-05/14/14)
  • Dr. Susan Sell, Bioinformatics and Genomics  (08/01/12-07/31/13)
  • Dr. Ann B. Gonzalez, Languages and Culture Studies  (08/01/10-07/31/11)
  • Dr. Art Blume, Psychology  (01/01/09-12/31/09)
  • Dr. Kelly Zellars, Management  (01/01/09-12/31/09)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Leak, English  (01/01/07-12/31/07)
  • Dr. Cheryl Brown, Political Science  (01/01/06-12/31/06)
  • Dr. Ann Newman, Family and Community Nursing  (01/01/06-12/31/06)
  • Dr. Teresa Dahlberg, Computer Science  (01/01/05-12/31/05)
  • Dr. Murray A. Webster, Sociology and Anthropology  (01/01/05-12/31/05)