The Latest Information on Fall Enrollment

Dear Colleagues,

We appreciate your ongoing support of our enrollment efforts. Please review the latest data for your department or program.

Here are some general updates from the past two weeks:

Undergraduate Enrollment

  • We continue to have challenges with transfer admission. Your outreach to newly admitted transfer students is critical to our enrollment goals. Reports of newly admitted students, including their contact information, are accessible in Report Central.
  • The Regular Decision notification date is April 1, so the Undergraduate Admissions team is working on the last decisions for first-year applicants.

Graduate Enrollment

  • Please review your program’s enrollment status and check your domestic and international applications in particular. It is imperative that programs connect with admitted students to increase the yield of accepted to enrolled and decrease the “melt” of students who do not choose to enroll. Please connect with these students by offering a virtual and/or in-person Admitted Student Session. Email Maryanne Maree-Sams or Ellie Ivey to schedule your session in Slate. Additionally, personal outreach to admitted students is an effective way to build connections with new students.
  • Continue to recruit prospective students to programs for the fall semester. Graduate Admissions is hosting another information session for prospective students on April 19 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. and we invite you to participate and recruit students to your programs. Additional details about the information session as well as the RSVP for participating GPDs and affiliates is available.
  • Please continue to review weekly application reports with 2022 comparison data, determine challenges and opportunities to enroll the summer/fall 2023 class, and make a plan to recruit and enroll students.
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Tips for how you can continue to help us make a difference are included below for easy reference.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Claire Kirby, associate provost of enrollment management, Johnna Watson, associate dean for graduate enrollment management and funding, or me.

Alicia L. Bertone
Alicia L. Bertone
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Tips to Remember

  • Make timely decisions. If you are responsible for decisions in your department about graduate admissions or readmits, please ensure they are being made in a timely fashion. Additionally, if you can increase your enrollment capacity in graduate programs, say from 15 to 18 students, please consider doing so if you have qualified applicants. Reaching out to transfer students may establish a connection that will affect a student’s decision, particularly in light of the longer processing of these applications. If students are exploring multiple options, we want to be their first choice!

To support undergraduate students

  • Look at space to expand. Review class offerings and determine where there is space to expand capacity in high-demand courses – either by increasing enrolled credit hours or decreasing time to degree. I encourage you to look beyond high-enrollment major courses.
  • Encourage students to take action. Share messages in your classes to encourage students to review their class schedules for the upcoming term, to visit their advisor for support and register for summer/fall classes as soon as they are able. You could do this outreach in person, via email or via Canvas.

To support graduate students

  • Understand the data. Review weekly application reports with 2022 comparison data, determine challenges and opportunities to enroll the summer/fall 2023 class, and make a plan to recruit and enroll students.
  • Mark important dates. Please note these dates for fall graduate enrollment.
    • April 1: Nominate students for funding by this priority date.
    • April 15: Prior to this date, reach out to admitted students offered funding to encourage them to submit their Enrollment Intention Form and accept their funding offers, in accordance with the National Signing Day (April 15 Resolution).
  • Upcoming events to support graduate enrollment:
  • Know your graduate resources. Bookmark GPDNet for the latest news, data, reports, deadline information, events and helpful resources for graduate education at UNC Charlotte. Subscribe to the weekly New on GPDNet email by sending a note to