Graduate Grading Policy Exception (Fall 2020)

graduate Grading Policy exception

Due to disruptions during the Fall 2020 term resulting from the pandemic, the Graduate School is extending the deadline for students to request Pass/Unsatisfactory grading for their Fall 2020 courses until December 14, 2020. Some courses may be excluded from this option, such as core courses requiring a grade of B or better.

To request a Pass (P) grade to replace a C grade this semester, students must:

  • Submit an Academic Petition and select the request type “Other Course-Related.”
  • The request must be made prior to the grading period or by December 14, 2020.
  • Instructors and program directors must approve the student’s request.
  • Graduate students are advised to consult with their program director before requesting a grade change selection, if relevant.
  • The P/U grade option is not available for Incomplete grades.

As always, students who earn a U or an unacceptable amount of C grades will be suspended or terminated, as appropriate. This process will not change for Fall 2020, and suspensions or terminations will be effective for Spring 2021.

Graduate students are required to have a 3.0 GPA in their program of study in order to graduate. Therefore, Pass (P) grading can be elected to replace only grades of A, B, or C. Unlike undergraduates, graduate students are held to a higher standard and, as a result, are suspended when they earn a grade of U or an unacceptable number of C grades.