UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Academic Proficiency and Placement

I. Executive Summary

This procedure describes the process for incoming first-year and new transfer students to demonstrate their language, mathematics, and writing proficiency to determine their placement in courses.

II. Procedure Statement

Language Placement and Course Exemption Process

All new students can determine language placement or language course exemption by the following means: Language Placement Test, the CLEP Test, Advisor Contact or Certification of Proficiency. Students should visit Guidance on Language Placement and Course Exemption to determine the correct process.

There are no language requirements associated with the General Education Program. Students are required to take language only if it is a requirement of their college or major department. The College of Arts + Architecture and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences have a language requirement.

All students within these colleges are required to demonstrate proficiency in a language of their choice through at least the 1202 level. In order to meet this proficiency requirement, students may do one of the following:

  • Complete the coursework at UNC Charlotte
  • Complete three years of the same language in high school with a grade of C or above
  • Achieve the appropriate score on the Language Placement Test
  • Receive credit through the CLEP test
  • Place out of or be considered exempt from the 1202 level through the Certification of Proficiency process
  • Transfer in the equivalent of 1201 and 1202 from another institution
  • Earn transfer or transient credit for 1201 and complete the 1202 course, or complete 1201 and place out of or earn transfer or transient credit for 1202
  • Transfer in with an A.A., A.S., or A.F.A. degree (for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Although all students in the College of Arts + Architecture and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are subject to the 1202 proficiency requirement, students in select departments will additionally have to satisfy a proficiency requirement through the intermediate (2000) level, or in rare cases, the advanced (3000) level. Students should consult with their major department to determine whether or not they are required to complete the intermediate or advanced proficiency requirement.

Mathematics Placement Procedures

All students, both freshmen and transfer, are placed into mathematics using their SAT or ACT scores if those scores are in Banner. Students without these scores in Banner, but who are transferring in the equivalent to college algebra, pre-calculus, or calculus credit, are placed based on the class level of the credit received. Students without these scores in Banner who are not transferring in the math credits required for their program of study must take a placement examination to determine their appropriate entry-level MATH course.

Writing Placement Procedures

Placement in WRDS 1103 and WRDS 1104 is based on High School performance and SAT/ACT scores. In the absence of SAT/ACT scores, students will be placed in WRDS 1104. Students can see which WRDS class they are slated to take on their Banner advising transcript. WRO4 indicates that students should register for WRDS 1104. WR03 indicates that they should register for WRDS 1103.

All students may also use the Writing Resources Center (WRC) for additional support. To learn more about WRDS 1103, WRDS 1104, and the WRC, visit writing.charlotte.edu.

III. Definitions

  • Proficiency – level of competence or skill
  • Placement – the assignment of a student to a suitable course

IV. Procedure Contact(s)