UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Chancellor’s Professor Designation Policy

I. Executive Summary

This policy outlines the requirements and criteria for a faculty member to be appointed the title of Chancellor’s Professor.

II. Policy Statement

The title of Chancellor’s Professor is a campus-wide recognition of outstanding contributions primarily in a specific discipline, but exhibiting an interdisciplinary character enabling contributions in more than one department or college. A candidate for appointment as Chancellor’s Professor is to be recommended to the Board of Trustees by the Chancellor. The purpose is to bestow on an individual an academic rank which transcends disciplinary lines and to allow each designated individual the greatest latitude in teaching, scholarship, and community engagement.

The title is given to a full professor who is not only a scholar of international and national distinction but also who has a demonstrated record of significant achievement within the university community. There should be no more than one Chancellor’s Professor distinction awarded per academic year, but each Chancellor’s Professor should hold the title for life. The Chancellor’s Professor shall receive a one-time stipend the year designated as a Chancellor’s Professor.

The following criteria will be used to select a Chancellor’s Professor:

  1. Academic competence to enable him/her to undertake cross-departmental, cross-disciplinary activities in research and teaching, and service to the UNC Charlotte community.
  2. Evidence of significant benefits to the UNC Charlotte campus community as a direct result of the individual’s interdisciplinary teaching, research, and/or community engagement.
  3. Superior scholarly achievement as evidenced by extensive peer recognition in the individual’s chosen professional field.
  4. Dedication to the highest standards of professional excellence.
  5. Exemplary character and integrity.


  1. An individual appointed as a Chancellor’s Professor need not hold a joint appointment in two or more departments.
  2. The selection procedure should be conducted in a confidential manner so that there is no sense of rejection should a nominee not be awarded the designation.
  3. The designation of Chancellor’s Professor does not carry any financial compensation, but where appropriate and possible, a Chancellor’s Professor should be provided special financial support for his or her research and professional activities.
  4. Where appropriate and possible, Individuals holding this rank should be allowed latitude in apportioning their time between teaching, scholarship, and community engagement.
  5. Individuals with the title of Chancellor’s Professor remain subject to post-tenure faculty performance review in their primary appointment department.

III. Definitions

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IV. Policy/Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Approved: February 23, 2012 [Faculty Council]
  • Revised: April 25, 2013 [Faculty Council]
  • Revised: December 2014 [Name change from University Professor to Chancellor’s Professor approved by Board of Trustees]
  • Reviewed: February 17, 2022 [Reviewed by FAPSC under seven-year review with no changes required]

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VII. Frequently Asked Questions

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