UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Chancellor's Professor Designation

I. Executive Summary

This procedure provides further detail on the selection and appointment of a Chancellor's Professor.

II. Procedure Statement

Candidates for the Chancellor's Professor Designation will be considered in accordance with the UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Chancellor's Professor Designation.  For an individual to be considered for the Designation, the following procedure should be followed:

1.  Any member of the UNC Charlotte faculty may nominate to the Provost a current member of the UNC Charlotte faculty holding the rank of tenured full Professor for appointment and the nomination should consist of the following:

  1. A letter of nomination should thoroughly address each of the criteria for Chancellor Professor.  As this is not a service award, extensive discussion of the scholarly and/or creative disciplinary and interdisciplinary work accomplished and their significance should be highlighted.  Please refer to the criteria as described in the UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Chancellor’s Professor Designation.
  2. A current academic curriculum vita for the nominee.
  3. A list of 7-10 professionals (e.g., distinguished professors) who are qualified to evaluate the interdisciplinary work of the nomineee and provide an authoritative view of their scholarship and/or creative contributions.  The list should include name, title, institution, and contact information, including email address and telephone number. 
  4. A brief biography (two to three sentences) of each of the letter writers indicated in 1.3 above.

2.  The Provost will appoint a committee of five members, appointed by the Provost, consisting of four senior faculty members not holding administrative appointments, representing the breadth of academic programs, and an individual currently holding the rank of Chancellor's Professor, if available, who will serve as chair. Affirmative approval of at least three committee members is required for the Provost to recommend the candidate to the Chancellor.  As part of the review, the committee will contact no less than three professionals to evaluate the interdisciplinary work of the nominee and may solicit additional documentation as necessary.

3.  If the Provost’s decision is favorable, the Provost shall then recommend the appointment to the Chancellor.

4.  If the Chancellor’s decision is favorable, the Chancellor shall then recommend the appointment to the Board of Trustees.

III. Definitions

There are no definitions related to this procedure.

IV. Policy/Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Approved:  April 25, 2013 [Faculty Council]
  • Revised:  December 2014 [Name change from University Professor to Chancellor's Professor approved by Board of Trustees]
  • Revised: July 2019 [Addition of references for nomination]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures, and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the deadline for nominations for the Chancellor's Professor Designation? 
    Nominations for the Chancellor's Professor Designation may be sent to the Provost at any time in accordance with the procedures above.