UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Faculty Illness

I. Executive Summary

Every year, some faculty experience illness severe enough to keep them out of the classroom for at least a few days. On these occasions, faculty notify their students and department chairs and adjust assignments as needed. If the illness is prolonged, it is the responsibility of the department chair to identify a qualified substitute instructor to assume responsibility for the class(es).

Faculty who are ill and cannot conduct class for more than one week should immediately notify their department chair. If faculty cannot continue instruction remotely, the department chair will assign qualified substitute instructor(s) for the affected course(s). Substitute instruction will continue until faculty receive approval to return to (remote or face-to-face) duty.

II. Procedure Statement

In preparation for a possible faculty illness in their unit, department chairs should:

  • Request a final, dated electronic copy of all instructor syllabi

Faculty teaching a class with who are ill should:

  • Seek medical attention as needed
  • Isolate in an appropriate location
  • Notify their department chair and students
  • Continue to teach remotely if possible
  • Return to teaching when cleared by a medical professional
  • Return to face-to-face teaching when cleared according to University procedures, if applicable

When substitute faculty are required, department chairs will:

  • Assign qualified substitute faculty
  • Obtain instructor-level Canvas access from instructor or from OneIT
  • Provide syllabus and Canvas access to substitute faculty
  • Notify students of the change in instructor
  • Notify Office of the Registrar of change in instructor

III. Definitions

There are currently no Definitions for this procedure.

IV. Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Established: December 1, 2020

VI. Related Policies, Procedures, and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is this procedure referenced?
    The procedure is published on the Academic Policies & Procedures webpage of the Provost website.