UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Schedule Interruption Guidelines

I. Executive Summary

UNC Charlotte is committed to its mission of teaching, research, and service. As such it is the University’s goal to minimize planned interruptions of class time by non-academic events and to plan for unanticipated interruptions to the delivery of education and services. This procedure is intended to guide faculty, departments, and colleges when schedule interruptions occur.

II. Procedure Statement

Both planned and unplanned events may prevent classes and labs from meeting at their usual time and location. These schedule interruptions may include adverse weather, weekday (Monday-Friday) football games or other situations announced through University communications. Faculty are expected to review class attendance policies with students early in the term, and should exercise good judgement in applying attendance policies during schedule interruptions, recognizing that some may be unanticipated. For example, adverse weather events may prevent some students from attending class even when campus is open and classes are in session.

To maintain course continuity, make progress in course content, and meet the state and federal credit hour requirements, faculty may elect to use one or more of the following strategies based on a faculty member’s judgment of how to best meet the students’ needs:

  1. Prepare to hold class online using the learning management system. Support is available from the Center for Teaching and Learning and can include such options as:
    1. Discussion prompts
    2. Pre-recorded lectures posted for viewing
    3. Other online modules that facilitate learning
  2. Assign work that can be posted on the learning management system or built into a syllabus and completed outside of scheduled class meeting times, including group work and projects
  3. Reschedule for another day, time and location. A day will be designated each semester for an optional reschedule date and will be included in the online academic calendar.

III. Definitions

  • Faculty – All persons who hold Professorial Rank (Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor) or a Special Faculty Appointment (Visiting Professor, Adjunct Professor, Instructor, Assistant Professor (Library), Assistant Professor (Military), Lecturer, Assistant Research Professor, or Artist-in-Residence).

IV. Policy/Procedure Contact(s)

V. History

  • Established: April 14, 2015
  • Revised: April 5, 2016 [replaced “Moodle” with “learning management system” since the University will no longer use this product]
  • Revised: January 4, 2017 [added NinerReady links, plus updates to include adverse weather and emergency events]
  • Revised: September 11, 2023 [removed New Student Convocation from list of planned events]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures, and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is this procedure referenced?
    The procedure is published on the Academic Policies & Procedures webpage of the Provost website.
  • See NinerReady for frequently asked questions about adverse weather and emergency events