UNC Charlotte Academic Policy: Commencement and New Student Convocation Faculty Attendance

I. Executive Summary

This policy describes the requirements for full-time faculty participation in Commencement ceremonies and New Student Convocation at UNC Charlotte.

II. Policy Statement

Commencement is held twice a year, in the Fall and Spring semesters. New Student Convocation is held once a year at the beginning of the Fall semester. As a professional responsibility and as a show of support for students, all full-time faculty are encouraged to attend both Commencement ceremonies and New Student Convocation, but at a minimum are expected to attend either one Commencement ceremony or New Student Convocation each year. Each department will be responsible for developing a plan for implementing the policy.

III. Definitions

  • Commencement (also known as Graduation) – A formal ceremony in which the University awards degrees to graduating students at the end of each Fall and Spring semester.
  • New Student Convocation – An event dedicated to welcome and introduce new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfers) to the UNC Charlotte academic community. During the event, students learn about UNC Charlotte’s traditions, mission, and values that drive the niner spirit.
  • Department – A unit within a college representing a discipline. For example, the Department of English is in the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences (CHESS).
  • Faculty – The members of the teaching and research body staff of UNC Charlotte. Faculty may hold the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, research associate, research assistant, or the equivalent of any of these academic ranks.
  • Semester or Term – A period of study, usually a third of the academic year (i.e., Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters). Fall and Spring semesters generally include a period of study of one 15-week and two 7-week half terms. The Summer semester generally includes one eleven-week and two five-week half terms. UNC Charlotte offers courses for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, as well as varying term lengths associated with each semester.  For the definition of each term refer to the Office of the Registrar.

IV. Policy Contact(s)

V. History

  • Approved: April 17, 2002
  • Revised: February 20, 2013 [changed from “tenured and tenure track faculty” to “full-time faculty”]
  • Revised: February 25, 2021 [inclusion of New Student Convocation into policy]

VI. Related Policies, Procedures, and Resources

VII. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is this policy referenced?
    The policy is published on the Academic Policies & Procedures webpage of the Provost website.
  • Are part-time faculty and faculty affiliates permitted to attend Commencement and New Student Convocation?
    Yes, part-time faculty and faculty affiliates are permitted and encouraged to attend Commencement and New Student Convocation in accordance with their departmental and collegiate policies.