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We want all our undergraduate students, regardless of background, to reach the finish line and graduate with a baccalaureate degree that enables them to lead productive lives in an economy that favors the well-educated. We know that our student demographics distinguish us from other UNC institutions. We have the largest number transfer students in the UNC System. We also have a large population of students that are first-generation college attendees, low income, or underrepresented minorities. These characteristics and their intersections present unique challenges to college completion. As an institution that has embraced newcomers to higher education since its beginnings, these are the students we were founded to serve and as the college-going population changes, so do our approaches to student success.

We held our third Student Success Summit this year to bring together our student support and academic services colleagues to better identify, coordinate, and solve issues that may impede student success at UNC Charlotte. Our cross-university Student Success Working Group is developing strategies to provide supports and interventions at each stage of the student lifecycle to address academic, social, emotional, and financial barriers to student success.

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