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Fall 2023 Schedule Interruption for Weekday Football Game

This fall, the football team will play one weekday game at home - Friday, October 27. When the University hosts weekday football games, classes are not canceled. Faculty and students will be responsible for all required hours and faculty should make alternative arrangements for classes and labs scheduled to take place on the main campus after 2:30 p.m. in accordance with the UNC Charlotte Academic Procedure: Schedule Interruption Guidelines. If faculty members wish to reschedule an in-class meeting day, Tuesday, October 24, 2023, has been designated as a makeup date. Due to this class schedule change for Fall 2023; syllabi should be adjusted accordingly.

Library Building Closure Notice

Atkins Library will be closed on Thursday, June 29, and Friday, June 30. Services will be provided online at library.charlotte.edu.

Division of Research Announces Creation of 14 Centers and Pilot Centers

The Division of Research is excited to announce bold new investments in 14 centers and pilot centers from proposals to the Ignite Centers call. More information.

Canvas Studio Resources for Faculty

The Canvas Studio video platform is replacing Kaltura Video. Videos from My Media should be transferred to the Canvas Studio Library at this time. Visit the resource page to learn how to locate your existing videos in Studio, request new closed caption files, create new videos using Studio, and prepare your course(s) for the Summer and Fall semesters.

W+GRA Identifies Key Findings on Issues Affecting Women and Girls in Charlotte

The Women + Girls Research Alliance (W+GRA), a unit of UNC Charlotte’s urbanCORE, unveiled key findings on issues impacting women and girls across the Charlotte metropolitan region. The Alliance presented its findings during the Taking Space Without Apology: A Women and Girls Leadership Café Data Report Luncheon held on June 19, 2023, at the Popp Martin Student Union. W+GRA Executive Director Michelle Meggs, stated, “The café serves as an extension of the work that the W+GRA does to improve the lives of women and girls in the Charlotte metropolitan area by facilitating partnerships with researchers, community leaders and civic investors that produce data-based transformative outcomes. I not only believe in providing safe spaces, but brave spaces, where women and girls can be heard and be authentic.”

Top findings which resulted from the Leadership Café hosted by the W+GRA in October 2022 revealed:

  • High rates of poverty and economic insecurity, particularly among women of color and single mothers 

  • High rates of certain health conditions, such as mental health disorders and maternal mortality and morbidity

  • Caregiving challenges, such as lack of paid parental leave and affordable childcare options

  • Harassment and violence including domestic violence

  • Disparities in healthcare access, quality and affordability

  • Workplace and school-based inequities, including gender-based pay gaps and exposure to career paths 

For more information contact Dr. Michelle Meggs or visit the W+GRA webpage.

Faculty Council News

Please visit the Faculty Governance website for the latest news from the Faculty Council including: 

Dissertation Defense

The dissertation defense is one of the ways a new scholar demonstrates readiness to join the academy and is an opportunity to share their research widely. View All Dissertation Defense Announcements.

Latest AA News

For up-to-the-minute news from Academic Affairs (faculty awards, research, recognition, initiatives), visit the Academic Affairs Division News webpage.