Pandemic Instruction

Decisions for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years are based on these guiding principles: to preserve the college experience, to protect the health of our students and faculty, to ensure a successful learning environment, and to minimize the reduction in overall student credit hours.  Please refer to this site often for updates and access to resources.

Fall 2021

FAQs for AY 2021-2022

Instructor's Fact Sheet (08/15/21)

Messages from the Provost/COVID-19 Messaging

Standard Operating Procedures for Faculty Illness during COVID

Academic Policies and Suggested Syllabi Language for AY 2021-22 (08/12/21)

Classroom Expectations Related to Face Coverings (08/12/21)

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Undergraduate Grading Policy Exception for 2020-2021 Academic Year (COVID-19)

Graduate Grading Policy Exception for Fall 2020 (COVID-19)

Academic Honors Policy Exception for 2020-2021 Academic Year (COVID-19)

Online Learning 101 is an asset faculty can provide to students who are new to online learning

Faculty Executive Committee Examination of Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Courses (11/13/20)

Instructions for Teaching October 1 - December 23, 2020  (9/22/20)


Niner Nation Cares website

Archived Messages from the Provost (2020-2021/2021-2022)

Fall 2020 Preparations

Preparing for Fall 2020 (PowerPoint)


Faculty Mentors List

Faculty Training and Technology Upgrades

Memo to Faculty re: University/Classroom Expectations of Students Related to COVID-19 (9/9/20)

Q&As from General Faculty Meeting (8/20/20)

Phased Reopening

Provost letters to Faculty and Incoming Students and Returning Students

Research Restart and Restoration Task Force Report (May 2020)

Resource Request Form (to be completed by Dean/Associate Dean)

Student Absences (Faculty President Memo)

Student Guide: Course Instruction Methods for Fall 2020

Suggested Syllabus Policies and Notices (i.e., face coverings and course delivery)

Spring 2020

Academic Honors Policy Exception for Spring 2020 (COVID-19)

Grading Policy Exception for Spring 2020 (COVID-19)

RPT Extensions for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty (COVID-19)

Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning is providing faculty with workshops and training, self-paced webinars, teaching guides, technology FAQs and other resources to assist in remote course instruction and continunity planning.  

Classroom Support TeamAudiovisual Integration and Support for Learning Environments (AISLE) at UNC Charlotte designs, maintains, and supports effective and accessible learning environments for faculty, students, and staff.