Pandemic Archived Messages

Dear Colleagues, I hope the first few weeks of the semester have been productive for you and you are beginning to settle into a comfortable rhythm for your classes. I want to share some important health and safety reminders as we approach cold, flu and COVID-19 season, and as we continue to process the tragic […]

Dear Colleagues, As we were informed in Monday’s NinerNotice, the University is changing its guidance on face masks in response to a directive from the UNC System Office. I know that many of you planned your teaching schedule with the assumption that face masks would continue to be a requirement this semester and I have […]

To: Department Chairs/School Directors Cc: Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans, Business Managers, Faculty Council President From: Lori McMahon, Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Personnel We continue to plan for a Spring 2022 semester with primarily (70% or greater) face-to-face classes. The instructions below assume that in preparing the spring schedule, department chairs have taken into account […]

Dear colleagues, At the start of the pandemic, I announced our decision to give all faculty an automatic one-year extension to prepare for reappointment, promotion, and tenure (RPT) decisions. Labs and other facilities were closed, classes went remote, conferences were cancelled, and in general, life was upended. While not all faculty chose to avail themselves […]

Dear colleagues, During University Convocation, we heard that some faculty with documented needs were unaware of the process that is in place to address concerns about in-person classes. While department chairs accommodated many of the needs of faculty that were known in spring when the class schedule was built, circumstances can change. We want to […]

Dear colleagues, We are now a week out from the start of classes. As faculty, you are trusted sources of information for your students. Take the opportunity to welcome your class – whether through email, Canvas, or in person – and to educate them about health and safety during the pandemic. As you do so: […]

Instructors: As you welcome students to your class — whether through email, Canvas message, or in person — you may wish to share this information regarding health and safety during the pandemic. This is an opportunity to remind students of mask-wearing expectations and to explain your classroom policies related to the ongoing pandemic, such as […]

Dear Department Chairs and Directors: As we prepare for the start of classes for the fall term, I am writing to remind you of the importance of communicating with all faculty members the content and significance of the University policies, especially those applicable to faculty members. Please reserve time in a faculty meeting to highlight […]

TO: UNC Charlotte Faculty FROM: Joan F. Lorden, Provost Kevin W. Bailey, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs RE: University/Classroom Expectations of Students Related to COVID-19 We write to remind faculty of the protocol that was established last year surrounding violations of student expectations related to required face coverings in the classroom to control COVID-19. The […]

Dear Colleagues, In the past year, you have had to pivot often in response to changing conditions. Things are changing again, but the decreases in infection rates and the increasing availability of COVID vaccines mean that the latest change is to a more normal fall. Fall is likely to still entail testing, tracing, and mask […]

Dear Colleagues: The Faculty Council has made an amendment to the Undergraduate Pass/No Credit (P/N) grading procedure for the Spring 2021 semester. This amendment will simplify the process for undergraduate students and faculty while still limiting the number of P/N elections and providing a mechanism for identifying sufficient achievement in progression courses. It continues the […]

As Chancellor Gaber stated on Monday, the University has made adjustments to the Spring 2021 academic calendar due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19. Please make a note of these revised key dates and deadlines. Faculty can import the updated dates in their Canvas courses. Spring full term changes: Early Alerts due – February […]