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Criminal Background Check Process

To initiate the Criminal Background Check screening process for faculty, send an email to to begin the process.

Your email should contain the following information:

Faculty Applicant: Legal name of the Faculty Applicant, to include middle name

Faculty Type: Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, Unpaid Adjunct, etc.

Position Number: Full-Time Faculty Position Number, EPTF50 for Part-Time Faculty, and 000091 for Unpaid Adjunct

Position Type: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, etc. for Full-Time Faculty, Adjunct for Part-Time Faculty, and Unpaid Adjunct for Unpaid Adjuncts

Department: Title of the Faculty Applicant’s department

Department Contact Name: Department point of contact for CBC request

Department Organization Code: Five digit department code

Downloadable Background Screening Instructions

Academic Affairs will initiate an email through the Criminal Background Check screening vendor, Infomart, using the email address that the candidate listed on their job application in NinerTalent. The final candidate will be sent an electronic invitation via email asking them to complete the online consent form. It is extremely important that the Criminal Background Check Application completed by the Faculty Applicant include his or her middle name. If the applicant does not have a middle name, they should type none in the area where the middle name would be listed. Once Academic Affairs is notified of satisfactory results, you will be notified via email that the Criminal Background Check is complete.

Visit The Graduate Center for Life and Learning for the Criminal Background Check screening process for Postdoctoral Fellows.

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