Academic Program Planning and Authorization

  1. Procedures for Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Planning

Program Planning Timeline and Best Practices

New Degree Requests Submitted to UNC System Office, 2002-Present

This list dates back only to 2002. For a comprehensive list of all active and discontinued UNC Charlotte programs, including their dates established and/or discontinued, please visit the UNC Academic Program Inventory online at, log in (top right of screen), and then click the API tab (top left) after logging in.

DegreeRequest for
Request to
Africana Studies, M.A.Dec 2022  
Anthropology, M.A. Apr 2008Authorized [Aug 2010]
Applied Energy and Electromechanical Systems, M.S.Aug 2012Jul 2013Authorized [Sep 2013]
Architecture, M.S.Dec 2016May 2017Authorized [Sep 2017]
Art History, B.A. May 2006Authorized [Jun 2006]
Arts Administration, M.A. May 2002Discontinued [Mar 2009]
Athletic Training, M.S.Jan 2017Sep 2017Authorized [Nov 2017]
Bioinformatics, P.S.M. Mar 2007Authorized [May 2007]
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Ph.D.Apr 2008Jun 2010Authorized [Jan 2011]
Business Administration, B.S.B.ANov 2022August 2023Authorized [Nov 2023]
Business Administration, D.B.A.May 2014Feb 2015Authorized [Sep 2015]
Business Administration, Ph.D.Apr 2004Apr 2005Authorized [Jan 2006]
Civil Engineering, Ph.D.Jan 2017Dec 2017Authorized [Jul 2018]
Clinical Exercise Physiology, M.S. [renamed Kinesiology, M.S.] May 2004Authorized [Sep 2004]
Computer Engineering, M.S.Dec 2018Dec 2019Authorized [Mar 2020]
Community-Centered Practices, MFAJuly 2022August 2023
Construction and Facilities Management, MSCFM Dec 2009Authorized [Jun 2010]
Construction Management, B.S. May 2006Authorized [Jun 2006]
Curriculum and Instruction, Ph.D. Sep 2002Authorized [May 2003]
Cybersecurity, M.S.Sep 2015Jun 2016Authorized [July 2016]
Data Science, B.S.Aug 2018Dec 2019Authorized [Mar 2020]
Data Science, Ph.D.April 2022Dec 2023Authorized [May 2024]
Data Science and Business Analytics, M.S., P.S.M.Feb 2013Aug 2013Authorized [Feb 2014]
Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, Ph.D.Jan 2015Aug 2015Authorized [May 2016]
Environmental Engineering, B.S.Feb 2022Dec 2022Authorized [April 2023]
Ethics and Applied Philosophy, M.A. Apr 2006Authorized [Jun 2006]
Fire Protection and Administration, M.F.P.A. [renamed Fire Protection and Safety Management, M.S.] Dec 2009Authorized [Jun 2010]
Geography and Urban Regional Analysis, Ph.D.Sep 2004Sep 2005Authorized [May 2006]
Gerontology, M.A.  Discontinued [Jan 2020]
Graphic Design, B.F.A.Feb 2019Jan 2020Authorized [May 2020]
Health Informatics, M.S. [renamed Health Informatics and Analytics, M.S.] Mar 2011Authorized [Sep 2011]
Health Psychology, Ph.D.Sep 2003Dec 2004Authorized [May 2005]
Health Services Research, Ph.D.Sep 2003Sep 2004Authorized [May 2005]
Health Systems Management, B.S.Oct 2015Jun 2016Authorized [Dec 2016]
Infrastructure and Environmental Systems, Ph.D. Apr 2003Authorized [Nov 2003]
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.Jan 2018May 2021Authorized [Apr 2022]
Japanese Studies, B.A. Aug 2008Authorized [Apr 2010]
Latin American Studies, B.A. Nov 2003Authorized [Jan 2004]
Latin American Studies, M.A. Nov 2006Authorized [Feb 2007]
Management, M.S.May 2016Sep 2016Authorized [May 2017]
Mathematical Finance, M.S. Mar 2003Authorized [May 2003]
Meteorology, B.S. May 2004Authorized [Sep 2004]
Nanoscale Science, Ph.D.Apr 2005Apr 2006Authorized [Jan 2007]
Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science, B.S. Jun 2011Authorized [Apr 2012]
Nursing, Ph.D.Nov 2021 
Nursing Practice, D.N.P.Dec 2010Sep 2012Authorized [Feb 2013]
Optics, M.S. [renamed Optical Science and Engineering, M.S.] Apr 2002Authorized [Sep 2002]
Organizational Science, Ph.D.Apr 2004Apr 2005Authorized [Jan 2006]
Professional Studies, B.S.Oct 2019May 2021Authorized [Nov 2021]
Public Health, B.S.P.H. Jan 2007Authorized [Mar 2007]
Public Health Sciences, Ph.D.Mar 2009Jan 2013Authorized [Aug 2013]
Real Estate, M.S.R.E. May 2010Authorized [Nov 2011]
Religious Studies, M.A. May 2002Authorized [Sep 2002]
Respiratory Care, M.S.Dec 2015Apr 2016Authorized [Oct 2016]
Respiratory Therapy, B.S.R.T. Apr 2007Authorized [May 2007]
Sports Analytics, B.S.April 2022Dec 2023Authorized [May 2024]
Sports Marketing and Management, M.B.A. May 2006Discontinued
Systems Engineering, B.S.S.E. May 2007Authorized [Sep 2007]
Urban Design, M.U.D. Mar 2008Authorized [Jun 2008]
Urban Education, M.Ed.Feb 2018May 2018Authorized [Oct 2018]
Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, B.A.May 2018Jan 2019Authorized [Sep 2019]