Academic Policies and Procedures

The official academic policies procedures, and guidance retained and maintained here include University-wide as well as undergraduate- and graduate-specific academic policies and procedures.  Additional policies and procedures related to degree programs may exist within the academic department or college. 




Academic Advising Undergraduate
Academic and Financial Responsibility (see Registration) Undergraduate and Graduate
Academic Appeal and Grievance Undergraduate
Academic Calendar Undergraduate and Graduate
Academic Credit Hour Undergraduate and Graduate
Academic Department/School: Establishment, Name Change, or Relocation N/A
Academic Distinctions Undergraduate
Academic Load and Time Status for All Graduate Students Graduate
Academic Probation and Suspension (see Academic Standing) Undergraduate
Academic Proficiency and Placement Undergraduate
Academic Records and Transcripts Undergraduate
Academic Standing Undergraduate
Academic Standing Graduate
Academic Support Review N/A
Access and Use of Academic Analytics Data N/A
Admission to the University Undergraduate and Graduate
Associate Degree Rule (see Readmission of Former Students) Undergraduate
Auditing a Course (see Registration) Undergraduate and Graduate
Baccalaureate Degree Progression Undergraduate
Baccalaureate Degree Requirements Undergraduate
Bilateral Articulation Agreements: Establishment and Review N/A
Catalogs (see University Catalogs)  
Chancellor’s List, Dean’s List, Graduation with Distinction (see Academic Distinctions) Undergraduate

Chancellor's Professor Designation

CIP Code Revision N/A
Class Scheduling Guidelines and Classroom Utilization N/A
Code of Student Academic Integrity Undergraduate and Graduate
Code of Student Responsibility Undergraduate and Graduate
College Name Change N/A
Commencement and New Student Convocation Faculty Attendance N/A
Commencement Marshals (see Graduation: Undergraduate)     Undergraduate
Continuous Registration and Leave of Absence Graduate
Course, Curriculum, and Catalog Review Undergraduate and Graduate
Course Attendance and Participation Undergraduate and Graduate
Course Load (see Academic Credit Hour) Undergraduate and Graduate
Course Numbering and Status Undergraduate and Graduate
Courses, One-Time Approvals (see One-Time Course Approvals) Undergraduate and Graduate
Course/Instructor Evaluations by Students (see Student Evaluations) Undergraduate and Graduate

Credit by Examination

Undergraduate and Graduate
Death of a Student Undergraduate and Graduate
Declaring Undergraduate Majors and Minors Undergraduate
Definition of Undergraduate Majors, Minors, Concentrations, and Certificates Undergraduate

Degree Programs

Undergraduate and Graduate

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate and Graduate
Disciplinary Suspension Graduate
Dual Degree (see External Dual Degree and Joint Degree Establishment) N/A
Dual Enrollment (see Registration) Undergraduate and Graduate
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Equivalency Undergraduate and Graduate
Evaluation of Academic Administrators N/A
Evaluation of Distance Education and Online Offerings N/A
Evaluations, Student (see Student Evaluations) Undergraduate and Graduate
External Dual Degree and Joint Degree Establishment N/A
Faculty Grievances (see Procedures for Resolving Faculty Grievances (arising under Section 607(3) of The Code of The University of North Carolina)) N/A
Faculty Illness N/A
Faculty Roles and Responsibilities N/A
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Notification Undergraduate and Graduate

Final Course Grades

Undergraduate and Graduate

Final Examinations

Undergraduate and Graduate
Flexible Work N/A
General Education Program Undergraduate
Grade of I (see Grading) Undergraduate
Grade Replacement (see Grading) Undergraduate


Undergraduate and Graduate

Graduate Certificate: Establishment N/A
Graduate Student Parental Leave Graduate
Graduation Undergraduate and Graduate
Honors Programs Undergraduate
Immunization Policy Reinstatements Undergraduate and Graduate
Independent Study Undergraduate and Graduate
Joint Degree (see External Dual Degree and Joint Degree Establishment) N/A
Leave of Absence (see Continuous Registration and Leave of Absence) Graduate

Majors and Minors

Midterm Unsatisfactory Grade Reporting (see Grading) Undergraduate

Name Changes

New Degree Programs (see Degree Programs) N/A
New Student Convocation (see Commencement and New Student Convocation Faculty Attendance) N/A
One-Time Course Approvals Undergraduate and Graduate
Parental Leave (see Graduate Student Parental Leave) Graduate
Pass/No Credit Option (see Grading) Undergraduate

Posthumous Degrees and Degrees in Memoriam

Undergraduate and Graduate
Priority Registration Undergraduate and Graduate

Procedures for Resolving Faculty Grievances (arising under Section 607(3) of The Code of The University of North Carolina)

Professor Designation (see Chancellor's Professor Designation) N/A
Readmission of Former Students Undergraduate
Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure N/A
Reassignment of Duties N/A


Undergraduate and Graduate
Religious Accommodation for Students Undergraduate and Graduate
Requirements for Continued Enrollment (see Academic Probation and Suspension) Undergraduate
Repeating a Course (see Grading) Undergraduate
Residence Status for Tuition Purposes Undergraduate and Graduate
Reverse Transfer Undergraduate
Schedule Interruption Guidelines N/A
School/Department: Establishment, Name Change, or Relocation N/A

Second Degrees

Undergraduate and Graduate
Special Faculty Appointments N/A
Student Complaint Resolution Log N/A
Student Concerns About Courses and/or Faculty N/A
Student Evaluations Undergraduate and Graduate
Student Grievance Procedures Undergraduate and Graduate
Student Involuntary Protective Withdrawal Policy Undergraduate and Graduate
Substantive Change Compliance Policy N/A
Syllabus: Suggested Standard Syllabus Policies N/A
Teaching Load N/A
Tenure N/A
Tenured Faculty Performance Review N/A
Termination of Enrollment Undergraduate and Graduate
Textbooks and Instructional Materials N/A
Transfer Credit and Advanced Academic Standing (AP, IB, etc.) Undergraduate
Transfer Credit and Credit by Examination Graduate
Transient Study (see Transfer Credit and Advanced Academic Standing) Undergraduate
Two Year Rule (see Readmission of Former Students) Undergraduate

University Catalogs

Undergraduate and Graduate
University Continuing Education Activities N/A
University Marshal N/A

Vacant Faculty Positions, Lapse Salary, & Return of Faculty Positions to Colleges


Withdrawal (also see Grading)

Undergraduate and Graduate

Review of Academic Policies and Procedures