Newly Promoted Faculty

Faculty Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor, 2022-2023

Faculty Member Featured Publication
Meghan Barnes
Contested pasts, complicated presents: Pre-service teachers’ developing conceptions of community
Frederico Batista Pereira
Political Science and Public Administration
Fake News, Fact Checking, and Partisanship: The Resilience of Rumors in the 2018 Brazilian Elections
Nicole Braxtan
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Post-Earthquake Fire Assessment of Buildings: Evaluation Framework
William Brian
Mathematics and Statistics
The Borel partition spectrum at successors of singular cardinals
Kausik Chakrabarti
Biological Sciences
In vivo Architecture of the Telomerase RNA Catalytic Core in Trypanosoma brucei
Eliana Christou
Mathematics and Statistics
Central quantile subspace
Konstantinos Falaggis
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Variable shearing holography with applications to phase imaging and metrology
Erin FitzPatrick
Special Education and Child Development
Writing from Multiple Source Texts: SRSD for Fifth Grade Learners in Inclusive Settings
Ella Fratantuono
Producing Ottomans: Internal Colonization and Social Engineering in Ottoman Immigrant Settlement
Alexia Galati
Psychological Science
What is retained about common ground? Distinct effects of linguistic and visual co-presence
Janne Gaub
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Assessing the Utility of Body-Worn Cameras for Collegiate Police Agencies
Eric Hoenes del Pinal
Religious Studies
Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and Faith
Philip Kaffen
Languages and Culture Studies
Translating Grace, Magnifying Glass: Reframing Spectatorship in Like Someone in Love
Alexandra Kaloyanides
Religious Studies
Baptizing Burma: Religious Change in the Last Buddhist Kingdom (Columbia University Press, 2009)
Erika Montanaro
Psychological Science
Bystander Intervention for problematic alcohol use measure (BIPAUM) to reduce risky drinking among diverse college students
Mariya Munir
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tracking the temporal variation of COVID-19 surges through wastewater-based epidemiology during the peak of the pandemic: A six-month long study in Charlotte, North Carolina
Adriana Ocejo Monge
Mathematics and Statistics
Portfolio optimization with a guaranteed minimum maturity benefit and risk-adjusted fees
Kristie Opiola
Exploring the experiences of elementary teachers after completing Child Teacher Relationship Training (CTRT): Implications for teaching in diverse school settings
Rosario Porras-Aguilar
Physics and Optical Sciences
NSF CAREER Award To Support Work With Optical Systems To Find Creative Solutions
Luke Reinke
Reading and Elementary Education
Teachers’ press for contextualization to ground students’ mathematical understanding of ratio
Omidreza Shoghli
Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Toward AI-enabled augmented reality to enhance the safety of highway work zones: Feasibility, requirements, and challenges
Kristina Shull
Detention Empire: Reagan’s War on Immigrants and the Seeds of Resistance
Mei Sun
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ion Exchange Removal and Resin Regeneration to Treat Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Ether Acids and Other Emerging PFAS in Drinking Water
Weimin Wang
Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Performance Assessment of a Photonic Radiative Cooling System for Office Buildings
Jill Yavorsky
Uneven Patterns of Inequality: An Audit Analysis of Hiring-related Practices by Gendered and Classed Contexts
Qingning Zhou
Mathematics and Statistics
A Sieve Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Approach for Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-Censored Failure Time Data

Faculty Promoted to Professor, 2022-2023

Faculty MemberFeatured Publication
Mona Azarbayjani
High-Performance Double Skin Façade Buildings: Climatic-Based Exploration
Anita Blanchard
Psychological Science
Blanchard, A. L., Caudill, L. E., & Walker, L. S. (2020). Developing an entitativity measure and distinguishing it from antecedents and outcomes within online and face-to-face groups
Bettie Ray Butler
Middle, Secondary, & K-12 Education
Mentoring while white: Culturally responsive practices for sustaining the lives of Black college students
Erik Byker
Reading and Elementary Education
Co-Executive Director of the Global-ready Research and Equitable Education in Teaching (GREET) Center at UNC Charlotte
Amy Canevello
Psychological Science
Social motivation: Costs and benefits of selfishness and otherishness
Joanne Carman
Political Science and Publlic Administration
Using self-assessments to improve board performance and build nonprofit capacity
Tara Cavalline
Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Quality Control for Concrete Paving: A Tool for Agency and Industry
Ethan Chiang
Real Exchange Rates and Currency Risk Premiums
Judith Cornelius
A survey of nursing students’ knowledge and attitudes toward LGBT healthcare concerns
Robert Cramer
Public Health Sciences
Development of the Self-Injury Risk Assessment Protocol for Corrections (SIRAP-C)
Jane Dalton
Art and Art History
Cultivating a Culture of Learning: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education

Impacting Teaching and Learning: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education

The Teaching Self: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education
Kristin Davin
Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education
Promoting Multilingualism in Schools
Anthony Fernandes
Mathematics and Statistics
A closer look at bilingual students’ use of multimodality in the context of an area comparison problem from a large-scale assessment
William Graves
Geography and Earth Sciences
Charlotte, NC: The global evolution of a new South city
Laura Gunn
Public Health Sciences
Associations between Attainment of Incentivised Primary Care Indicators and Emergency Hospital Admissions among Type 2 Diabetes Patients: A Population-Based Historical Cohort Study
Scott Hippensteel
Geography and Earth Sciences
Sand, Science, and the Civil War: Sedimentary Geology and Combat
Hwan Lin
R&D-based calibrated growth models with finite-length patents: A novel relaxation algorithm for solving an autonomous FDE system of mixed type
Xia Liu
Assessing the Unacquainted: Inferred Reviewer Personality and Review Helpfulness
Matthew Parrow
Biological Sciences
Quantitative nuclear DNA content and cell cycle analysis of a mixotrophic dinoflagellate by image cytometry
Rajib Paul
Public Health Sciences
Progression of COVID‐19 from urban to rural areas in the United States: a spatiotemporal analysis of prevalence rates
Dorothy Smith-Ruiz
Africana Studies
Black Families and the Recession: The Enduring Impact of the Great Recession of 2007-2009
Bao-Hua Song
Biological Sciences
Inclusive collaboration across plant physiology and genomics: Now is the time!
Eddy Souffrant
Global Development Ethics: a critique of global capitalism
Tehia Starker Glass
Reading and Elementary Education
Teaching for Justice and Belonging – A Journey for Educators and Parents
Juan Vivero-Escoto
Advanced Nanoengineering Approach for Target/Specific, Spatiotemporal, and Ratiometric Delivery of Gemcitabine-Cisplatin Combination for Imrpvoed Therapeutic Outcome in Pancreatic Cancer
Michael Walter
Obtaining Reversible, High Contrast Electrochromism, Electrofluorochromism, and Photochromism in an Aqueous Hydrogel Device Using Chromogenic Thiazolothiazoles